Project List




Abilene, TX City and Rural Rides Abilene Multimodal Terminal
Alvin, TX Gulf Coast Center Alvin Pedestrian Transit Master Plan
Austin, TX City of Austin Corridor Planning Project
City of Austin East 7th Street Corridor Concept Plan
  Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority Section 5307 Allocation Strategy
Beaumont, TX City of Beaumont Downtown Redevelopment
  City of Beaumont Beaumont River Market
Bryan / College Station, TX The District Brazos Transit District Five-Year Plan
  The District Interurban Trolley System
  The District Brazos Transit District Service Development
  The District Small Urban Transit Terminals
The District South College Avenue Revitalization
The District Roy W. Kelly Multimodal Transit Complex
Charlotte, NC Center City Partnership Center City Redevelopment Plan
Conroe, TX City of Conroe Mobility Studies
City of Conroe Conroe Park and Ride Study
Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority Downtown Improvement Program
  Urban Mass Transportation Administration Economic Development Program
Dayton, TX The District Liberty County Park and Ride
Dickinson, TX Gulf Coast Center Dickinson Pedestrian Transit Plan
El Paso, TX Sun Metro International Transit Terminal
  Sun Metro Oregon Street Transit/Pedestrian Mall
  Sun Metro Union Plaza Private Sector Interface
  Sun Metro Streetcar Reactivation Project
  Sun Metro Sun Metro Financial Capacity Analysis
  Sun Metro Sun Metro Suburban Terminals/Park & Ride
  Sun Metro Sun Metro Transit Improvement Program
  Sun Metro Union Plaza Transit Terminal/Parking Facility
  Sun Metro Long Range Transit Plan
  Sun Metro Great Streets Major Investments Study
  Sun Metro SMART Starter Line
Sun Metro International Fixed Guideway Transit Planning
Fort Bend County, TX Houston-Galveston Area Council 20 Year Transit Plan
Fort Lauderdale, FL Transportation Managment Association Transporation Management Association
  Keith & Schnars, P.A. RAC Comprehensive Mobility Strategy
  Keith & Schnars, P.A. Transportation Improvement Project
  Downtown Development Authority Downtown Transit & Pedestrian Master Plan
Fort Worth, TX City of Fort Worth Berry Street Corridor Redevelopment Program
Galveston, TX City of Galveston Downtown Master Plan
  City of Galveston UTMB at Galveston – Mobility and Parking Study Phase I & II
  City of Galveston Galveston Livable Communities Initiative
  City of Galveston Galveston Transit Finance & Management
  City of Galveston Public Transportation Financial Review
  City of Galveston Galveston Park & Ride Feasibility Study
  City of Galveston Galveston Island Rail Trolley System
  City of Galveston Port of Galveston Intermodal Feasibility Study
  City of Galveston Galveston Downtown Terminal
  City of Galveston Galveston-Houston Alternatives Analysis
  City of Galveston Trolley Extension
City of Galveston Grant Assistance
City of Galveston Marketing
City of Galveston Galveston Seawall Beautification
City of Galveston Galveston Maintenance Facilities
Houston, TX City of Houston Main Street Corridor Redevelopment Program
Greater Southeast Management District GSMD Pedestrian Transit Master Plan
Greater Southeast Management District GSMD Terminal Advanced Planning
Houston Parks Board Houston Bayou Bike and LCI Plan
Houston Downtown Management District Houston Downtown Circulation Project
Upper Kirby Management District Upper Kirby Terminal Advanced Planning
Uptown Houston Texas Medical Center Mobility Study
Uptown Houston Pedestrian Transit Master Plan
Uptown Houston Uptown Terminal Facility
Midtown Management District Transit and Pedestrian Master Plan
Westchase Management District Westchase Transit and Pedestrian Master Plan
Hunt County, TX Senior Center Resources and Public Transportation SCRPT Transit and Administrative Facility
Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation Schedule and Transfer Review
Kemah, TX Gulf Coast Center Kemah Pedestrian Transit Master Plan and Intermodal Terminal
League City, TX City of League City League City River Market Phase I Master Plan
City of League City League City Master Mobility Plan
Gulf Coast Center Victory Lakes Park and Ride
Little Rock, AR Central Arkansas Transit Authority River Market Livable Communities Initiative
Miramar, FL City of Miramar Mirmar Grant Administration and Funding Pursuit
Montgomery County, TX Montgomery County Park & Ride Development Program
Montgomery County Five-Year Mobility Enhancement Program
Oklahoma City, OK COPTA COPTA Strategic Planning Retreat Session Facilitator
  COPTA COPTA Strategic Framework Development
  COPTA MAPS Transportation System
  COPTA Transit Finance & Management Study
  COPTA Major Investment Study
  COPTA Downtown Mobility & Parking Study
  COPTA Northeast Rail Corridor Project
  COPTA COPTA Transit Development Program
  COPTA Oklahoma City Union Station
Palm Desert, CA City of Coachella Coachella Valley Regional Mobility Program
  City of Palm Desert Palm Desert People Mover System
Plantation, FL City of Plantation Central Plantation Development District Implementation Plan
Rochester, NY RGRTA Rochester Central Station
Round Rock, TX City of Round Rock Round Rock Downtown Intermodal Terminal and Parking Facility
City of Round Rock Round Rock Rail Link
San Angelo, TX Concho Valley Transit District CVTD Intermodal Facility
San Antonio, TX City of San Antonio La Cantera Master Plan
  City of San Antonio Suburban Mobility Study
San Marcos, TX City of San Marcos San Marcos Transit Master Plan
Texas City, TX Gulf Coast Center Texas City Pedestrian Transit Master Plan
The Woodlands, TX The Woodlands Development Company Sterling Ridge Park and Ride
The District Research Forest Park and Ride
  The Woodlands Development Company Town Center Transit Study
  The Woodlands Development Company Transit & Pedestrian Corridor
The District The Woodlands Maintenance Facilities
Non-City Specific Projects Various Capital Grants and Fund Programming Services
Various Letter of No Prejudice
Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission GCRPC Pilot Projects
Panhandle Regional Planning Commission PRPC Transportation Coordination Study