Advanced Planning for Uptown Bus Rapid Transitway and Terminal

Houston METRO is betting on bus rapid transit (BRT) as a big part of the region’s long-term plans and Houston’s first foray into BRT will be along Post Oak Boulevard in the Uptown area. TGC was in on the ground floor of this trend when it completed the advanced planning for the Uptown BRT Transitway and Terminal in 2012. 

Our detailed, technical study quantified significant demand to Uptown along US 59 based on a detailed analysis of the Houston region Transportation Demand Forecast model. As part of the study, TGC analyzed METRO’s park-and-ride activity within the project capture area to determine the facilities’ capacity to sustain an additional commuter line; drafted operating options based on a two-step evaluation process; completed a site selection and environmental review for the US 59 transit way and intermodal terminal; completed preliminary engineering for highway and ramp improvements, and terminal facilities; and estimated annual commuter service operating costs.

At full buildout, the project reflected a t-ramp on US 59 connecting to an intermodal facility that would serve commuters and bus rapid transit riders; a parking garage; portal improvements under US 59 to Post Oak Boulevard; and BRT transit services along dedicated lanes on Post Oak Boulevard.  Uptown’s investment in commuter services and BRT is getting support from TxDOT in a first-of-its-kind venture that has state highway dollars going to a mass transit project along US 59, and IH-610, both of which are  some of Houston’s most clogged freeways. TGC’s work was critical to developing the data that could inform a vision of services around which public and political consensus could form.  Uptown used the TGC study to secure $61.8M in federal CMAQ and STP funding for the project, which is scheduled to be operational in 2020.