Conroe General Transportation Planning and Administrative Services

 TGC began working for the City of Conroe in 2008 to plan and implement mobility improvements throughout the City. At that time, Conroe was in a lull from the economic downturn, but predictions of rapid growth were realized in 2016 when Conroe was recognized as the fastest growing mid-size city in the nation. Rapid growth brings challenges. In a world with more mobility needs than funding, TGC worked with the City to plan prioritize mobility projects to identify those that provided the greatest benefits and were the most competitive for discretionary funding. These mobility projects ranged from back-of-curb to intersection improvements, added capacity, roadway reconstruction, and transit services and infrastructure. 

Since then, we have helped the City to become an FTA grantee, plan and launch a new fixed route and ADA transit service, develop and deliver a new commuter bus, and implement pedestrian-transit access improvements like sidewalks, ADA ramps and crossings, and bus shelters.  We help the City to plan for and administer its transit program, complete procurements, and provide construction administration services to ensure that City met all its federal and state compliance requirements. By 2018, our planning efforts were the backbone that delivered over $116 million in roadway improvement and $1.6 million in transit discretionary funding for the City.

TGC has a team of mobility planning, engineering, environmental, federal and state administration and procurement subject-matter experts that can take a holistic approach to projects. We have a passion for translating ideas into the built environment; in Conroe, we have been successful at the strategic development of projects that has resulted in the significant influx of public and private resources to help Conroe meets its growing mobility challenges.