Creative Solutions to Community Challenges.


TGC is experienced in the market of engineering stewardship and accountability. Engineering services requires a balance of understanding the client’s needs; managing expectations; and equating those needs and expectations with the right solution. Innovation, tradition, feasibility, and practicality are included in the solutions we will bring to the table. We are interested in implementing solutions that will not hinder existing and future needs but will consider the long-term interests of the community and stakeholders. As part of our expertise in construction administration and federal compliance oversight, TGC has added engineering design and plan production capabilities. From planning and conceptual to construction documents with and bid documentation to project closeout - TGC staff is educated to prepare proper documentation.

We seek quality projects that emphasize community engagement and spur development. Whatever the need for infrastructure projects; TGC can assist in seeking federal funding; project management and federal compliance. We evaluate risk and respond with feasible and appropriate mitigation measures.



engineering services include:

• Development of schematics

• Construction documents

• Federally conscious bid documentation

• Employment of bid advertisements

• Guidance on general contractor selection process

• Development of pre-construction meeting agenda and materials

• Technical services including supplements to environmental documentation

• Traffic studies

• Design reproduction

• Review of pay application materials including certified payroll

• Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) forms

• Buy America compliance and change orders

• Review of and recommendations on requests for information (RFIs)

• Review of subcontractor changes and conducting Davis Bacon wage rate interviews.


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