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Downtown Galveston is the hub of Island Transit’s radial bus routes which pulse together at 20th and Market every 30 minutes. In addition, the rail trolley, which provides a downtown circulator and links to Seawall Boulevard and the UTMB campus, also interfaces with the buses. This transfer location has always been a minimal facility with very narrow passenger waiting areas, minimal protection from the elements, and no other passenger amenities associated with a modern transit system. TGC assisted Island Transit in locating, funding, and developing a new full-service terminal and parking facility on the west side of downtown. This allowed the City to take advantage of FTA’s LCI to provide funding for streetscape improvements throughout downtown that emphasize improved functional integration of transit/land use and access to form a more livable, walkable, and auto-free activity center.


Evaluate feasibility. Evaluated downtown area for needs associated with a transit terminal, transit access, and community interaction with transit.

Site selection. Evaluated alternative sites for location of new transit terminal including joint development potential and linkages to key downtown origins and destinations.

Coordinate public and stakeholder input. Worked closely with city council-appointed LCI advisory committee to guide the development process. Numerous public meetings were held at all levels of socioeconomic status to obtain input on the priorities and material selections and inform stakeholders of the status of the project.

Historical coordination. Close coordination with Texas Historical Commission and Galveston Historic Landmark Commission were vital to ensure that all improvements were in keeping with the district intent, time period, and aesthetic guidelines.

Environmental assessment. Completed required environmental analyses and coordinated its review through issuance of a Finding of No Significant Impact.

Prepare improvement plan. Developed a program of improvements that included a new transit terminal, upgrade of Trolley stops, sidewalks, curbs, wheelchair ramps, crosswalks, gas lighting, electric lighting, wayfinding signage, waste receptacles, bicycle racks, and benches. This was divided into phases due to funding constraints. Phase 1 is complete; Phase 2 is in design.

Identify funding. Developed support documentation for FTA grants to initiate design and construction.

FTA coordination. Coordinated all levels of approvals with FTA and other agencies to ensure smooth implementation of the project through construction.




Operations Evaluation Route/Schedule Planning Goal Development Peer Review Maintenance Review/Recommendations Public Outreach Policy Guidance Marketing & Branding




Name: David Smith
Title: Director - Fleet Facilities, City of Galveston 
Phone: (409) 797-3929