Creative Solutions to Community Challenges.

TGC puts public funding to work in your community.

Everyone pays into the system but only those that are prepared get the most out of it. We have helped our clients secure over $1 billion in funding since 1980. It starts with technically sound planning. From here, we build an implementation strategy to leverage opportunities to bring discretionary resources to work in your project. As experts in government-funded programs and processes, we help public and private-sector clients navigate the complex world of rules and regulations to meet, and keep meeting, administrative requirements. From planning to implementing to administrating, TGC is the cross-functional team for your needs.



nearly 40 years of implementation

TGC excels in assisting its clients from the first step in the planning process to the final ribbon cutting in the implementation of projects. In addition to the nuts and bolts of tradition transit planning, TGC pays close attention to funding and implementation strategies. We support our clients in the identification and pursuit of federal and state funding sources, including providing benefits analysis and project positioning to improve funding attraction. On the local level, TGC focuses on consensus and partnership building and the identification of leverage opportunities.