The Goodman Corporation (TGC) advocated The Island Transit, which operates a pulse bus system with six radial bus routes that meet at one location downtown every 30 minutes. For over 30 years this activity had been occurring in the median of 20th Street with minimal passenger shelter and no amenities. Better facilities and amenities were severely needed. A 2003 downtown parking study indicated a short-age of a least 350 parking spaces in the downtown area. As home to many of the key tourist attractions in the city, downtown Galveston had no public restrooms and private businesses have limited facilities that must be reserved for employees and paying customers. TGC helped the City of Galveston address all three of these issues with a single federally funded facility. The Galveston Downtown Transit Terminal combines 162 parking spac-es, a six-bus boarding facility under cover, linkage to rail trolley stop, grade separated walkway to the cruise ship terminal, 40-passenger air conditioned waiting area, sales counter for all Island Transit fare media, bus and rail trolley information, complementary paratransit certification, tourist information, and, 4000 square feet of retail space, all within the first downtown building constructed above the post-Hurricane Ike FEMA flood elevations. TGC participated in a lengthy process of identifying and qualifying a site in the Strand/Mechanic National Register Historic District and pursuing and securing project federal funding. A series of events led to an innovative development arrangement between the City of Galveston and Port of Galveston. The Port bought the land and through a long term lease with the City, the land value served as part of the local share of two Federal Transit Administration grants to construct the facility owned by the Port. In exchange for the capital funding, the city will benefit from a paid up lease for the useful life of the facility as well as a share of the parking and retail revenue stream. Because of the small size of the site, a creative approach was used to access the upper parking levels from an adjacent garage also owned by the Port.




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2001 - 2015


Name: David Smith
Title: Fleet Director
Phone: (409) 797-2939