Miramar, Florida, sits at the southern tip of Florida, just north of Miami. Over the past ten years, its population has skyrocketed and strong growth is predicted to continue on into the future. As a result, a huge burden will be placed on Miramar’s existing roadway system. However, 61% of the city’s land is vacant – presenting an excellent development opportunity to better blend land-use with transit systems. TGC is leading a team to take advantage of this window of opportunity to create a vibrant urban environment through transit-oriented development. Key TGC activities included:

Transit Hub Development Program: TGC developed a comprehensive mobility plan to knit together a planned new Town Center, two community centers, and the countywide transit system. Using growth projections, the TGC team led the analysis and design for transit terminals, shelters and a $4.3 million terminal and parking facility for Town Center.

Livable Communities Initiative: Miramar’s population is expected to double by 2020. TGC outlined a plan to leverage transit dollars for streetscape improvements such as expanded sidewalks, pedestrian-oriented lighting, and benches, and for the major internal transit-oriented roadways. By improving the pedestrian environment now, Miramar can enhance its potential to serve a greater number of future transit users.

Funding: TGC does not just put together plans that just sit on a shelf. Each plan has a funding strategy so that cities can realistically implement their visions for change. TGC identified no less than ten different strategies to assist Miramar in the funding of the project and assisted in securing early funds to expedite the construction.




Transit-Oriented Urban Development Mobility Planning
Livable Communities
Initiative Funding Strategy