Existing Conditions Report – Background on FTA Direct Recipient Status 

City of San Marcos

Project was challenging due to client’s sensitivity to information sharing, particularly with Texas State. Client prevented TGC from contacting Texas State or MPO due to local political concerns. Project was not executed according to scope at client’s request. 

Intergovernmental – description of FTA direct recipient eligibility and responsibilities for a Texas small UZA; analysis of pros and cons of City, Texas State, and CARTS as direct recipient for San Marcos, drafts of Council resolutions and legal opinion regarding the City’s desire to request Direct Recipient status; review of prior period service under CARTS; research regarding disposition of vehicles controlled by CARTS but purchased with funds awarded to the San Marcos UZA; researched potential strategy to take advantage of Texas State voluntary reporter status; Finance – Prepared 5-year operating and capital budget assuming City would assume control of vehicles currently controlled by CARTS. 




Intergovernmental Coordination
Capital Budgeting


September 2016 - August 2017


Name: Oscar Hairell 
Title:  Fleet, Facilities and Transit Manager
Phone: (512) 393-8410
Email: ohairell@sanmarcostx.gov