TGC has more than 30 years of experience in applying innovative transit planning, financing, and implementation concepts as tools to provide new transit services, enhance existing services, construct capital facilities, and provide a framework for community revitalization and economic development. Our range of transit planning experience includes terminal feasibility and advanced planning studies, BRT/LRT alternatives analysis, operations planning, and environmental reviews.

Areas of Expertise

Alternatives Analysis
Bus Rapid Transit
Circulator Services
Coordination Studies
Commuter Transit
Demand Analysis
Existing Conditions Analysis
GIS Analysis
Highway and Roadway Prioritization
Livable Communities Initiative
Maintenance Facilities
Market Studies
Paratransit and ADA
Park and Ride
Parking Inventory and Analysis
Pedestrian and Bike Plans
Quantification of Benefits
Site Selection
Survey and Data Collection
Transit Terminals
Travel Demand Modeling
Transit Oriented Development

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