The Goodman Corporation (TGC) lead development of the Seawall Boulevard Beautification initiative. Years of neglect had left the public areas along Seawall Boulevard in a state of poor repair and with few amenities for residents, tourists, or special events. In 2006, TGC completed the Galveston Seawall Boulevard Pedestrian/Transit Access and Beautification Plan which included an analysis of deficiencies in the corridor from 4th Street to 83rd Street and a plan of improvements consistent with the FTA Livable Communities Initiative associated with transportation improvements. The plan included two new bus routes, bus stop improvements, sidewalks, curbs, ramps, solar pedestrian lighting, landscaping, benches, waste receptacles, bike racks, public restrooms, pedestrian wayfinding signage, beach access ramps, evaluation of environmental benefits, evaluation of tax benefits from infill development, and a funding and implementation strategy. In addition to the plan being adopted by City Council, the plan also figured into the Long Term Recovery Plan developed after Hurricane Ike in 2008. Improvements along Seawall Boulevard were deemed to be the showplace for recovery efforts in the community and provided real and symbolic aspects to the city’s recovery. Frito-Lay Sun Chips Brand and Kroger Stores invested in this idea by donating $1,000,000 to the City of Galveston specifically to be invested in public infrastructure along Seawall Boulevard. The investment took shape as an upgrade to the Hampton Battery of Fort Crockett Park. TGC organized the Hampton Battery improvement program on behalf of the City by developing a conceptual plan for the improvements, obtaining State Historic Preservation Office approval of the plan, supervising the design and construction in a manner that could be used in the future to leverage and match federal grants for overall Seawall Boulevard improvements, and ensured that the improvements were completed on time and within budget. TGC was instrumental in the City obtaining a Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality grant and a Bus Livability grant to support additional improvements in the corridor.




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2006 - present


Name: Michael Worthy
Title: Director of Mass Transit
Phone: (409) 797-3929