Wendy O’Brian

Finance and Administration Officer

Wendy O’Brian is the Finance and Administrative Officer at The Goodman Corporation.  She works directly with executive team to provide monthly finance reports, finance strategy, other administrative support.  Ms. O’Brian ensures timely completion of monthly billings, invoices and payroll, and other accounting functions. She also responds to annual reporting requirements related to taxes, insurance, certifications and others as required. Additionally, Ms. O’Brian is responsible for federal grant management assistance to include development of applications and reporting in TrAMS for our clients. 

Ms. O’Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography.  She has been with firm since 2001 and has a wealth of institutional knowledge.  She began her career at the firm as a planner, completing GIS mapping and analysis, advanced planning studies, project management, existing conditions inventories, and environmental analysis.  She then moved into the role of Finance and Administrative Officer, ensuring contracts, invoicing, payments, and other administrative matters are completed with our clients.  Her work has led to a smooth accounting process for both the clients and the firm. 

Wendy enjoys early Saturday morning walks, antique hunting, and brunching with her husband.   

Bachelor of Arts in Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 2000

NTI NTD Urban Reporting

Financial Planning
Project Management
Pursuit of Funding


Ph: (713) 951-7591x16 (ext.)