The WFMPO Travel Demand Model was updated by the Wichita Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The model had a 2015 base year and a 2050 forecast year. Interim years of the model are identified and included with the update. Walter P. Moore was the principal on the contract. TGC were sub-consultants tasked with completing specific technical components of the project.

TGC completed a number of tasks associated with the overall scope of work. We reviewed the previous base year network and TAZ geography to understand the potential changes that occurred between the previous model base year and the new 2015 model base year. We identified the regional significant roadway facilities that were added to the network since the last update. This included identifying new, expanded, or enhanced roadways. These updates reflected the updated and approved 2015 base year condition. Then, TGC worked with Walter P Moore and WFMPO to determine which roadway projects needed to be included in each forecast year network. These were researched and analyzed.

After review, these were assigned to their respective forecast year networks. Work on base year and forecast year networks was verified via coordination with TTI/TxDOT.

As part of our scope of services TGC completed suitability analysis for the project area which included GIS mapping: Developed and Undeveloped Parcels, Employment Centers, FEMA Flood Hazard Zones, Future Land Use, Roadway Functional Class, School District Boundaries and School Locations, Existing and Future Trails, Existing Sidewalk Inventory, Transit Routes and Stops, and Existing Water and Sewer Lines.

Throughout the project, TGC developed report documentation that provided an overview of the process used for completing project tasks: Wichita Falls MPO Socioeconomic and Demographic Update. This included narrative, graphics, maps, and tables that describe the process, steps, and the final results. Strong communication and coordination with Walter P. Moore was a critical component during the study. It ensured a successful project and that the final product for the WFMPO was clear, accurate, and verifiable.




Monthly progress reports Coordination with team, WFMPO, TTI and TxDOT
Reviewed WFMPO Model Area and Base Study Area
Reviewed Previous Base Year Network Geographies
Identified Regional Significant Facilities Updated Existing TDM Network Geography
Updated Forecast Year TDM Network Geography
Provided mapping for Suitability Analysis


April 2017 - November 2017


Name: Irvan F. Barnett
Title: WFMPO Director Development Company
Phone: (940) 761-7450

Name: Rob Rae
Title: Associate, Walter P. Moore
Phone: (214) 740-6220